Birds of a Feather- Mini Art Camp #1


This summer I hosted ten art camps for kids in my area. The kids came on two different days and we created several projects together. I tried to keep the groups small due to the limited space. (I have a new studio space to use for next year- more on that in the near future!)

I really enjoyed my time with these young artists.
Here are photos from the first camp, entitled "Birds of a Feather".


  1. Oh colorful and delightful and fun! Lucky, lucky little artists!

  2. I love this beautiful project! I have been wanting to try a mixed media project and this might be a good one to try this with my second graders this year.

  3. I love this project. I'm new to starting summer art camps and would love to do this. May I ask if you have printed instructions? Can you post them? Thank you.

  4. I love using it on my art camp tomorrow,making the sample now. Thanks.


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