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Warm & Cool Swirling Leaves

I've been wanting to post about these for awhile, but Blogger kept rotating my photos. Finally, I figured out how to copy & paste them in from Picassa. Yay! Warm & Cool Swirling Leaves I made these beauties with first graders. Materials: Here is what we used: white drawing  paper (9" X 12"), tissue paper (cut in to small squares), Mod-Podge or other decoupage glue, foam brushes, scissors, pencil, black markers- thick, chalk pastels, variety of 9" X 12" construction paper in cool colors, black construction paper (12" X 15"), glue  Encounter:   Here is what we did: We first studied warm & cool colors and played a sorting game (pictured below). I laminated several rectangles of construction paper & added a magnet to the back. Students take turns coming up and placing their colors in the correct area. We then decoupaged tissue paper to the white drawing paper. I gave each table a tray of tissu