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Writing an SLO (Student Learning Objective) for Art

SLO.  SGM. SGO. Whatever your state calls them, they can be more than overwhelming. When our school began the task of writing ours more than a year ago, I was completely frustrated. Although I had taught for more than 18 years, I felt as though I was starting completely over. The language I was hearing seemed foreign. In order to complete my Student Learning Objective (SLO) correctly, I felt as though I needed more training, so I went to as many sessions as I could find and joined our SLO committee this year. This does not make me an  expert, by any means. However, I have begun to navigate this uncharted territory and want to pass on my knowledge. This has always been the goal of this blog. I am from the state of Ohio, so my SLO aligns with our state fine arts standards. The example I will be sharing is mine alone and represents the requirements put forth by my state. Please read your SLO template & checklist carefully to be sure you cover everything that is asked of you! I a