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Art Room Redoux

20 years. I needed a change; something totally new. After years of using every color of the rainbow ( check out last year's version ), I decided to tone down my art room. I also teach at an Arts Academy, so I get plenty of color there. I wanted my every day space to be... calm. Well, as calm as possible with over 550 students traipsing in and out! I chose the colors teal, lime, black, and white and went with it. It is amazing how much you can do with spray paint, scrapbook paper, Goodwill finds, and a trip to IKEA! I hope you enjoy the tour of my "new" art room. I know it isn't your typical studio space!  I always try to decorate the hallway leading to my room with something eye-catching for open house. The kids each made a self portrait for the empty spaces. I found some cute owl cut outs from Wal-Mart (seen later on my tables) and decided to use him as our art "mascot". I made my own, larger version to hang in the hall.