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Pre- Assessment for First Grade

I have been asked several times to post my assessment used for first grade. At this point, this is the only grade level I am testing. I do have a third grade assessment that I may post at a later date. This assessment was created by a group of art teachers in my county and is performance based. If there is a way to upload Word files to Blogger, I haven't figured it out. Anyone?  So, I will just copy & paste it here (the best I can!) Edit: Well, that didn't work so well. You can contact me and I will send you the actual Word Document, if you want. Hope this helps! Name: _______________________     Class Code: _____________ 1.      Draw 6 different kinds of lines. 2.     Draw 6 different shapes. 3.     Draw and color 3 triangles using the primary colors. 4.     Draw and color 3 rectangles using the secondary colors. 5.       Color the picture of the dog using warm colors.       6. Color the picture of the