Pre- Assessment for First Grade

I have been asked several times to post my assessment used for first grade. At this point, this is the only grade level I am testing. I do have a third grade assessment that I may post at a later date. This assessment was created by a group of art teachers in my county and is performance based.

If there is a way to upload Word files to Blogger, I haven't figured it out. Anyone?  So, I will just copy & paste it here (the best I can!)
Edit: Well, that didn't work so well. You can contact me and I will send you the actual Word Document, if you want.
Hope this helps!

Name: _______________________     Class Code: _____________

1.     Draw 6 different kinds of lines.

2.    Draw 6 different shapes.

3.    Draw and color 3 triangles using the primary colors.

4.    Draw and color 3 rectangles using the secondary colors.

5.    Color the picture of the dog using warm colors.      

6. Color the picture of the cat using cool colors.




7.    Color and finish this pattern using 4 different colors.

8.   Create a pattern using 4 different shapes and 4 different colors (must be different from the one above).

Part 2: On the next page, students should create an artwork that explores ideas, feelings, or relationships using the elements of art & principles of design.
State of Ohio Fine Art Standard: 5PR

Create Artwork here: 

Lines & Shapes

Draw a vertical line in this box.

Draw a diagonal line in this box.

Draw three organic (free form) shapes in this box.

st Grade Pre-Assessment
Class Code:__________________

Draw a horizontal line in this box.

Draw three geometric shapes in this box.


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